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Strategic Marketing Management
Muhammad Anas

Strategic Marketing Management

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I am grateful to God who gives me ability to do this hard task. And on accomplish of this task successfully. I feel much obliged to my parents, whose prayers and good wishes have enabled me to reach this stage. I am thankful to my teacher Sir Touseef who help me reading and understanding this of different personal skills and their advice, and guidance during studies. I am also thankful to all other people who contributed their time & efforts to make this report final

Muhammad Osama

Task 1 Planning principle and tools and techniques7
Marketing Definition:7
PESTL Analysis:7
SWOT Analysis:8
Marketing Process9
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis9
Threat of substitute products and services9
Threat of entry of new competitors9
Intensity of competitive rivalry10
Bargaining power of buyers10
Bargaining power of suppliers10
Task 2 Marketing strategy options.11
Double taste shakes:11
Task 3 Implication of change in the marketing environment12
Marketing plan:12
Market oriented:13
Establish a profitable market position:14
Forces that determine competition:-15
Continuous creating of sustainable competitive advantage:-15
The process of marketing plan:15
Marketing Planning Process:-16
Setting the goals:16
Analysis of the company:16
Creating the marketing strategy:16
Allocating the resources:16
Marketing Audit:16
7P’s of McDonalds:-17
Physical Evidence:-19

McDonald's is the leading global food service retailer and this is the top most favourite and huge brands. They have approximately 32,000 restaurants. They are providing 59 million people in 118 countries per day. Macdonald restaurants are operated and managed by men and women who are local or national and the percentage of that people is more than 75%. They have the motive to serve the people with best food. It includes Big Mac, Chicken Nuggets, Muffin and top world famous fries. Ray Kroc was the founder of Macdonald and he died in 1984. Let’s have a look on the history of the Mc Donald Brief Introduction about Strategy:-

As a human being we have different task daily. We have to get up early in the morning, take bath, and have breakfast. We start our day by doing such things. Some people go to office some people go to their business place and some of them do marketing of their products by going shop to shop market to market. So every person needs a very nice strategy, without strategy a person can’t achieve the targets, motives and success as well. Every organization has a strategy to achieve the targets whether they are to be accomplished on daily basis or monthly basis. Every company has a particular plan in order to meet the dead line of the project which has to be completed. The basic purpose of the strategy is to understand the vision the mission and the values of any company because there are several points several methods that the directors he managers and other senior people who are running the company or business can apply them because the way they define the targets and the goals are very realistic. They know how to handle the activities of the company by using right strategy in right direction.

Task 1 Planning principle and tools and techniques
Marketing Definition:
In the first task we need to analyse any two planning principles and processes which are used in developing a marketing...

References: 10. Douglas, West, John Ford and Essam Ibrahim (2006) Strategic Marketing (Creating Competitive Advantage Second Edition)
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