Maccabiah Bridge Collapse

Topics: Construction, Maccabiah Games, Ethics Pages: 8 (3003 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Jonathan Drago, Annette Englehart, Matthew Parks, Brandon Wagner

Phil 251

Professor Wilson

15 January 2013

Maccabiah Bridge Collapse

The Maccabiah bridge collapse occurred on July 14, 1997. This tragedy happened in Israel. It took place in the town of Aviv. The bridge collapsed over a large river called the Yarkon River. The bridge was constructed primarily of wood material. Also, some of the bridge was assembled of rusty metal pipes that were tied together with wire. The bridge was designed for the Maccabiah Games. The Maccabiah Games was first started in 1932. It was an athletic event held to celebrate the Zionist Revolution. The games are open to all Israeli citizens and many people from all over the world. The fifteenth Maccabiah Games occurred in 1997 (“The Maccabiah Games History and Information”). During this sporting event there were many participating athletes. There were over five thousand athletes from fifty-six nations. The Maccabiah Bridge was built for the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony took place at Ramat Gan Stadium. This stadium fit around fifty thousand people. The bridge was constructed so that the athletes could march over it and into the stadium for the opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony, the athletes and their team members crossed the bridge. When the Australians started to cross the bridge, it collapsed into the Yarkon River (“Maccabiah Games History and Information”). Of the three hundred and thirty-seven members of the Australian team, roughly a hundred of the members plummeted into the Yarkon River below. Sixty-seven of the injured were taken to the hospital. Some of the injured died from Pseudallascheria boydii fungus days and weeks after falling into the river. This was caused from being in extreme contact with the infected water. One victim out of the sixty-seven injured, was killed before arriving at the hospital. In all, there were four killed from the collapsing of the Maccabiah Bridge. Investigations were brought forward after the tragedy occurred. Charges were brought to five defendants. The defendants that were found guilty were Yoram Eyal, the commissioner of the Maccabiah Games, Adam Mishori, the head of the company hired by Eyal to build the bridge, Baruch Karagula and Yehoshua Ben-Erza, subcontractors hired by Mishori's company, and Micha Bar-llan, the bridge's engineer (Segal). Bar-llan was convicted and sentenced to twenty-one months in prison. Ben-Ezra and Kargula both received fifteen months in prison. Mishori got nine months in prison, and Eyal was required to do six months of community service. Stakeholders

In this case of the Maccabiah bridge collapse, the primary stakeholders are the ones who lost their lives in direct result of this tragedy. These four victims are the primary stakeholders. The victims in this situation were Gregory Small, Yetty Bennett, Elizabeth Sawicki, and Warren Zines, all of whom were athletes competing in the games. Gregory Small, was thirty-seven and from Sydney, Australia. He sustained fatal injuries from the initial collapse of the bridge, and never made it to the hospital after the incident occurred. Yetty Bennett, Elizabeth Sawicki, and Warren Zines all died from infections from the water. Also, the primary stakeholders consist of the other sixty-three injured. These injured were made up of participating athletes and the athlete's respective coaching officials. Also, the World Maccabiah, specifically the planning committee, is a primary stakeholder because the committee put on the event and planned the bridge. This party is responsible for the invitations to the athletes, funding of the whole event, and overseeing the events. Furthermore, the engineer and contracting company are primary stakeholders because it was their work that directly impacted the Maccabiah Bridge Collapse. Because of the collapse of the Maccabiah Bridge, there were also other secondary stakeholders that were...
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