Macbeth's Corruption and Downfall

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Macbeth's Corruption and Downfall
In this essay i will explain and give examples of how Macbeth is corrupted by power and as he is incompetant to become king. I will describe how Macbeth is driven to his downfall and how his life falls apart piece by piece. In Macbeth Shakespeare pesents three evil witches who seduce Macbeth and have a huge impact on Macbeth's decisions which lead to his downfall. In Shakespeare's time withches were common and people were strongly aware of witchcraft. It is also is apparent that Shakespeare intended to write the play itself for the king James of Scootland as he had wrote Macbeth shortly after King Jame's succesion to the throne. Also audiences in Shakespeare's time who wathched Macbeth were not as customed to seeing Macbeth's bloody scenes and his murderous thoughts because this type of action was strictly frown upon were a extremely punishable offence. Not many people did things like this back in those days. The point i will be focussing on in this essay will be how Shakespeare presents Macbeth as a disturbed character and how he changes throughout the play.

Point: Macbeth is presented at the start as a well adjusted soldier and he is praised by the king which shows he is not disturbed as such. Quote: ' O valiant cousin, worthy gentlemen'
Explanation: 'Valiant' and 'worthy'isn't emotive language that we would associate with someone who is disturbed. It's the reverse someone who is valiant and usually praised which Duncan does in bestowing Macbeth the thane of Cawdor. The seargeant uses a simile to describe Macbeth as the animal of a 'sparrow' and the 'hare' with these connotations we can tell they are swift and weak and small that live in the country. They have qualities that we would not compare too adisturbed character.

Point: Macbeth could become disturbed when he encounters the evil withches. Quote: 'rapt with'dl' new horrors come upon him, like our strange garements. Explanation: Banquo describes Macbeth like this after the visit of the troublesome witches. Using a simile Banquo uses a simile to describe this new state of mind to pieces of cloth that do not fit properly. This shows that Macbeth is not comfortable with this frame of mind. It also says that this new frame of mind doesn't please Banquo and he is not used to seeing Macbeth like this. The quote: 'rapt' withal which Banquo says Macbeth is during his aside gives us information on how preoccupied Macbeth is. The word 'rapt' means encaptured and is used multiply in this scene and could suggest that the evil withches hold some kind of power oovr Macbeth. Alternitavely it could be a glimpse and seduction of power of becoming king rather than a super natural spell.

Point: Macbeth is disturbed and thinking wether or not to kill Duncan. Quote: 'He's here in double trust ; First as i am his kinsman and his subject' Explanation: Macbeth talks to himself over wether to kill Duncan showing uneasyness and that his life is slowly spiriling out of control and he is losing it. He role of thane feeds him with greed and he wants more power kingship infact. And to do this he loses the care of others around him which shows even more distruption in his life resulting in him slaughtering someone who relies and trusts in him.

Point: Macbeth wants to kill Duncan
Quote: ' we'ld jump the life to come. But in these cases we still have judgement' Explanation: Macbeth wants to jump the procedures to becoming King. It states that he will become successful in killing Duncan to become King. Using the dynamic verb 'Jump' shows that he wants to skip and not go through the time and effort of becoming King, so he wants to kill him.

Point: Shakespeare foreshadows the fact that Macbeth is going to be even more disturbed, than we have already seen in the play. Quote: 'It will make us mad'
Explanation: Thee words of Lady Macbeth renown and Grace not only foreshadows for Macbeth but also for her character too. The audience in...
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