Macbeth a Man More Sinned Against Then Sinned

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Question: Macbeth, a man more sinned against then sinning.

Macbeth is a man more sinned against then sinning

Macbeth throughout the whole play commits many sins but the question is whether his sins are justified from the sins that have been committed against him. Did others really do the same amount of sins to Macbeth as he did to others? I believe not. For example Macduffs whole family is killed because of Macbeth. Was there a good reason behind this? No. all Macduff had done was flee from Macbeths control who was not even the real king anyway. Macbeth also committed regicide by murdering King Duncan yet what had King Duncan done to deserve this. He had given Macbeth more land and another title and this is how Macbeth repays him.

Sure many people committed sins against Macbeth but none were to the magnitude or as horrific as the ones he did. The sins that were committed against him were also mainly because of the sins he committed. Such as when he sinned by killing Macduffs family Macduff than sinned against Macbeth by eventually killing him.

At the start of the play Macbeth is a very righteous person and is very loyal to King Duncan. As the play progresses however we find that Macbeth begins to sin more and more. The sinning all starts when Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to kill King Duncan. She convinces Macbeth that he should be the next King not Malcolm or Donalbain and that King Duncan had committed a sin by not letting Macbeth be the next king. This Macbeth believed was a sin against him and sparked the start of all the sins he committed. However it can be argued that what Lady Macbeth did by persuading him to kill Duncan and send him down this road of sins is one of the greatest sins in the entire play as it will cause them not only to loose everything but destroy Scotland in the process.

Still the question is whether Macbeth is a Man More Sinned against than Sinning remains. The answer I believe is no. Yes Macbeth...
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