Macbeth Tragedy

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The Cause of Tragedy Through Mischief
From the perspective of A.C Bradley, a valueless central feeling is demonstrated in the great tragedy achieved by Macbeth`s mischief, thus leading to the catastrophe of Macbeth. In the play, after achieving the title as Thane of Glamis, Macbeth realizes that he can become much more by murdering the king. By doing this, he adopted an evil lifestyle where all the good he had left in him was gone to waste. A tragedy according to Aristotle involves a noble hero that must experience some sort of misfortune due to their violent actions creating chaos. Macbeth`s reckless behaviour which supports Aristotle`s definition of tragedy being of waste is illustrated in the play through Macbeth’s disloyalty, the destruction he created, and his immorality.

First, Macbeth’s disloyalty is first shown in the play after he learns about his future. At first he was doubtful, but with the support of Lady Macbeth, his curiosity escalated and he decided to invite the king to his castle where he will murder him. The king’s murder by Macbeth shows that Macbeth is a traitor and is disloyal because he was supposed to protect the king as shown in the quote: “Which do but what they should, by doing everything Safe toward your love and honour.” (1.4.27-28) but in the end he chose to kill him instead. Macbeth in this scene shows himself as an honourable and dependable man who Duncan can trust protecting him. Macbeth’s behaviour which proves his disloyalty allowed him to gain the title as king soon after, but at the same time the life he had as a good human being was gone to waste.

Furthermore, the destruction Macbeth caused started when he learns there were many people whom were against him being king, such as Macduff, Malcolm, and Banquo, who “fear Thou played’st most foully for’t.” (3.1.2-4). In Banquo’s soliloquy, his suspicion for Macbeth grows, believing Macbeth may have cheated somehow to gain the titles of being the king, Thane of Cawdor and...
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