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ayMacbeth Essay

3. The power of the play is its relevance to today’s society. We are surrounded in everyday life by men and women who might as well have been characters in this play.

The play of Macbeth has themes in it which can be associated with people who live in our world today. In Macbeth we see a king who abuses his power and uses it for the wrong reasons. He almost always get away with it. Despite the fact that there were people that were suspicious of Macbeth, he was never brought to justice with some of his deeds. In this play we also find out about the lengths that Macbeth went to, so he could become king and to also stay as king. The similarities between people in today’s society are that the lengths that they will go to, to achieve their goal such as power. Macbeth also draws parallels with some people today. They have all had someone better than them, ahead of them, and the only way to get in front of their position was to take them out. Macbeth does this in the play by killing Duncan so he can become king and feel happy with all his power. Macbeth also takes out the competition around him so nothing will disturb his reign as what he believes to be his glory. Another theme we get out of Macbeth is that he only thinks about himself. He doesn’t care that he attempts to kill innocent people such as Banquo’s son as well as Banquo or anybody else. He shows that he is selfish and only thinks about himself A perfect example of somebody that could take the place of Macbeth is Tonya Harding. Tonya was an American figure skater who was famous for the wrong reasons. In 1994 she used her body guard to attack a fellow competitor so that she could do better than her. Tonya was obviously jealous of how well the other competitor was doing better than her. The only way she could do better was to stop the other person from competing. Likewise Macbeth thought the only way he could become king was to eliminate Duncan. Like Tonya he did it physically, but instead...
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