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Topics: Elizabethan era, Macbeth, William Shakespeare Pages: 4 (1584 words) Published: August 30, 2014
Introduction –
William Shakespeare’s Elizabethan Tragedy Macbeth and A Simple Plan by Sam Rami are surprisingly similar. The two tragedies illustrate two contented ordinary men, whose lives are irrevocably altered for the worse because the timely values of power, greed and desire for position. Macbeth and A Simple Plan delve into the idea of the obsessive urge to be in a position of power which causes them to lose their ability to discern truth from illusion. Shakespeare and Rami explore the consequences of this ambition, both physical and emotional. Raimi explores the idea of how individuals strive to create a life of prosperity through work or less honourable means, contrastingly Shakespeare highlights the Kings rightful position to be born as Gods representative on Earth and doesn’t have to work for this position. Paragraph 1 on social change –

1.The concept of the modern American Dream and the accepted means to achieve it is paralleled to Macbeth in its reference into the Great Chain of Being. Within both texts when the main characters abilities to discern truth from illusion is inhibited due to a world of destruction and chaos, they take unnatural means to achieve their idea of success. Society’s order is disrupted because of the individual’s obsessive urge to obtain position and power. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth after King Duncan has been killed Macbeth say ‘what hands are here? Ha! They pluck out mine eyes’. This exhibits how Macbeth has lost his ability to discern what is truth and illusion due to his killing throwing his world into chaos and destruction. Within Macbeth he achieves ultimate power and position through regicide similarly A Simple Plan Hank achieves one of the American Dream’s attributes, money, through illicit means. Within the American society, in which a Simple Plan is set; it identifies how individuals can pursue their ambitions as long as their actions do not impinge on anybody else. Hanks ambition has disastrous consequences for his...
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