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Macbeth and to Kill a Mockingbird

By Musiclovaa1 Feb 20, 2013 502 Words
The play Macbeth and the novel to kill a Mockingbird consist of many similarities, some in which are more obvious than others. Both of these two excellent literatures have the common theme of hope for justice, similar characters, and also both the novel and the Shakespearian play have the suspense and intensity in the atmosphere. In the novel to kill a Mockingbird and the play Macbeth, both deliver a message of hope for justice. In the novel we see two young men being judged upon their physical characteristics and what others have said about them. Tom Robinson was a man who lived on the other side of Maycomb, the side of “poor and worthless” coloured people. The society of Maycomb jugged him for his colour rather then what Atticus had to say about him in the court. Another character named Boo Rady was being judged by people who lived in the neighbourhood; kids grew up having this idea of him being a scary man who stabbed his father in the leg. Even though all those stories being told to Scout and Jem were not accurate the neighbourhood still passed on the stories. But hope for justice was still in that society, the novel ended with scout understanding and appreciating Boo Radly. Also justice was brought to Tom even though he had been killed by the jail guards when trying to escape, the society thought they had won, but Tom's remembrance made the community question prejudice and its evilness towards people. The evil in the society had not conquered in this tale, since Tom was so influential to the community. Now looking at the play Macbeth, the hope for justice was brought to the play by Macduff. He stud up against Macbeths’ evil ambition and took back what belongs to Malcom. In the novel and the play justice was being forgotten until the ending; where everyone got what they deserved.

In the play Macbeth and the novel to kill a Mockingbird the characters have different believes and outlook for the life they live in. Characters such as Macduff and Jem live in two different period of time and their ages are very different but if you look at their morals and the way they live their life’s we see similarities. Macduff is a grown man with responsibilities as a father and a soldier, he’s a man who loves his country and would do anything to protect it from evil, and he also stands up for what he believes in and has the eye that tries to see the good side of people. ....

In Shakespeare’s "Macbeth" supernatural forces create a suspenseful atmosphere. The play begins with the suspense of what will Macbeth do with the prophases he has received. Certain uncanny resemblances between Tom Robinson and Boo Radley's lives exist in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. Often large groups of people misunderstand certain unusual individuals. Sometimes they stereotype the person; other times, they simply do not bother to find out the truth.

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