macbeth and macduff

Topics: Macbeth, Three Witches, Duncan I of Scotland Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: December 9, 2013

In the Shakespearian play “Macbeth”, Macbeth is a Thane of Glamis. Macbeth is astounded by a premonition made by the three witches who claim he will become Thane of Cawdor and also one day become king. ”All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter” (p.333, Shakespeare). Banquo is one of the other Thanes that fought against Macdonald, the King of Norway and the Scotland traitor. Banquo is told by the weird sisters that he is “lesser than Macbeth, and greater” (p.333, Shakespeare). Macduff is the Thane of Fife who partners with Malcolm to over through the crazed Macbeth. Macbeth and Banquo are Thanes of Scotland who had an encounter with three weird sisters. They spoke of Macbeth getting the title of Thane of Cawdor and that he would also one day become king. Banquo listened as they told him that his children would have a line of kings.” Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none” (p.334, Shakespeare). Banquo begins to talk to Macbeth about these things said by the witches. They both were also the best of friends up until the point that Macbeth killed King Duncan. Once Macbeth killed Duncan and Lennox and Macduff discovered the horrendous murder they awoke everyone with yelling and screaming. Banquo began to suspect Macbeth after he said he killed the chamberlains out of rage. “O, yet I do repent me of my fury that I did kill them” (p. 357, Shakespeare). Macbeth receives the crown shortly after the death of Duncan. Macbeth and Macduff also were both Thanes of Scotland. Macduff along with Lennox discovered the king murdered when they arrived to awake him. “O horror, horror, horror! Tongue nor heart can conceive nor name thee... Most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope” (p.356, Shakespeare). For a while he had thought Malcolm and Donalbain were the culprits. However, after the murder of Banquo he begins to think otherwise. Macduff secretly meets with Malcolm to form a rebellion against Macbeth and his reign of tyranny. Shortly after he arrives that man he sent...
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