Macbeth and Joseph Stalin

Topics: Macbeth, Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: November 11, 2013
In this piece we will be discussing the similarities between Macbeth and another important dignitary in throughout history. I choose to compare Macbeth to Joseph Stalin, and his reign over the Soviet Union. Stalin shares a lot of the characteristics of Macbeth in that they both we’re in a position of power that commanded their personalities and shaped who they would ultimately become in their final form. My belief is that both of their ambitions to rule turned into obsessions that changed them to do whatever it took to keep their power. These two people have a similar journey they traveled to become who they wanted to be, and I will explain how they relate to each other.

I believe Macbeth's ambition turned into obsession when he first talked to the witches. In act one scene 3 line 53 right when the third witch says “All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter.” Also when lady Macbeth urged him to kill the king because he deserves the position as king. I believe that was when his mind changed. When he murdered king Duncan I believe it grows even more because when he gets crowned king, he feels like nothing can touch him. Then Macbeth gets worried about Banquo because the witches say that he will have a throne of kings. Macbeths ordered that Banquo and his son would be killed. Banquo is murdered but his son survives. This leaves Macbeth mad but still obsessed with power, even more now that Banquo is out of the way.

Macbeths reminds me of Joseph Stalin for many reasons, but mostly because he is very power hungry. Macbeth was admired by even the king. Then he was awarded thane of Cawdor after a civil war. Vladimir Lenin, a Russian communist revolutionary, was impressed with Joseph Stalin’s achievements and wanted to meet him. They are both very power hungry. Macbeth does anything to become and stay king, this involves killing Duncan and Banquo. Stalin uses Lenin’s injury and new post as General secretary. Stalin uses his powers to expel party...
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