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Windell Blue
Difference Between Throne Of Blood and Macbeth
The film Throne of Blood, directed by Kurosawa in 1957, is based on Shakespeare's play Macbeth. The film of Kurosawa is set in Japan, while the play Macbeth is set in Scotland. Anyone who has read the story of Macbeth knows the fate of Washizu from the very beginning of the film. The character similar to Macbeth in Throne of Blood is Washizu, a bold warrior whose life is changed by a witch in the woods. The witch gives multiple predictions, stating that Washizu will rise to power over the current king. Similar main idea for the original play of Macbeth. Macbeth walks upon three witches and was told what he had to do in order to become king not realizing the consequences that awaits him. Although the main idea was quite similar there were events throughout the movie that differed from the original movie such as; Macbeth and Washizu, Lady Macbeth and Lady Washizu, as well as the witch from Throne of Blood and the witches from Macbeth. The first encounter of the witches by Macbeth and Washizu triggered different reactions. When he first met the witches, Macbeth confronted the witches eagerly and carelessly forced them to tell about the future of Banquo and him. In contrast, Washizu kept a stern face when he faced the witch. Washizu was eager to leave the forest right afterward, but Macbeth did not seem disturbed; he stayed and had a discussion with Banquo calmly. Not just so, asked Banquo if his sons would be kings, but he did not mention himself. It became clear that maybe he had been debating over what he had to go through to become king. Washizu did not prepare this type of regard; he became speechless after he heard the wicked prophecy. Both Lady Macbeth and Lady Washizu are a controlling factor; they also manipulated their husbands and led them to doing wrong. They manipulated their husbands by questioning their man hood. Lady Macbeth and Lady Washizu had some similar scenes. One...
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