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The Ambition of Macbeth
Macbeth is known for his significant amount of bravery and loyalty as a character in the play The Tragedy of Macbeth. Even though Macbeth has all the significant qualities of an average known hero, he also inherits bad ambitions throughout the story from three ornery witches that influence mischief upon his character. The witches reconstruct Macbeth’s ambitions from good to evil with the promise of power and riches. The evil witches help construct the storyline of Macbeth, and without them the story line would be completely different. They also have a strong effect on Macbeth’s good ambitions by gaining Macbeth’s trust by praising him for his accomplishments, which influences Macbeth to stir his ambitions for evil and to determine his own fate.

In the beginning of the play The Tragedy of Macbeth, Macbeth has a completely different outlook on his good ambitions than what he did at the end of the story. Macbeth’s character is first recognized when he defeats his nations enemy in battle. The Captain of the Scotland army explained Macbeth to the king as, For brave Macbeth well he deserved the name

Disdaining fortune, with his brandishes steel,
which smoke with bloody execution
Like valor’s minion carved out his passage
Till he faced the slave
Which nev’r shook hanks, nor bad far well to him
Till he unseamed him from the nave to th’ cops
And fixed his head upon our battlements. (15-20)
The King and the Captain of the army was honored to have such a brave warrior to give the title “Thane of Cawdor” to Macbeth after killing the old Thane that left the country and was considered a traitor. This shows that Macbeth has great deeds and was the possessor of power and strength in his country. Another example of Macbeth’s good ambitions is, “The service and the loyalty I owe in doing it, pays itself. Your Highness’ part is to receive our duties: and our duties Are to your throne and state children and servants

Which do but what they should by doing every thing
Sage toward your love and honor. (21-26)
This is obvious that Macbeth serves his king and country with no payment needed and is loyal to both. He is considered a heroic warrior that the King highly respects him as a worthy protector of his Kingdome. He doesn’t only want to protect and fight for his country for fame and power; he simply wants to fight for the love of the people and his cherished country.

After Macbeth was awarded for his accomplishments from serving his country as a heroic figure, the witches make a plan to manipulate him. The witches wait for Macbeth and his loyal friend Banquo to walk outside near the forest so they can start their mischief as they attended. As soon as Macbeth appears the witches starts to chant, “Here I have a pilot’s thumb/ Wracked as a homeward he did come/ All hail Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter!” (276). They try to explain why that the King is going to die and Macbeth would soon take his spot in the throne because of his accomplishments. Macbeth is confused why the witches are telling him that he is going to be the new King because he just got done being awarded by Duncan. Therefore, Macbeth begins to get arrogant about him self and starts to consider that the witch’s prophecy about him might become true. By predicting his future to Macbeth, the witches influence him to kill people. In addition, since Macbeth is so power hungry, he believes another of the witch’s prophecy when they say, “Be bloody, bold and resolute! / Laugh to scorn/ The power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.” (323). The witch’s prophecy tells Macbeth that he will not be killed if he is someone who is born from a woman’s womb. Since Macbeth believes that no man can kill him, he continues with his murders and gets away with it. He doesn’t have any fears because of how the witches tricked him.

Macbeth experienced a great downfall as a heroic figure, which led to his evil ambitions because of...
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