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Macbeth 'Fair Is Foul '

By Akiho66 May 06, 2013 598 Words
The Comparison of Macbeth and characters in terms of “ Fair is foul.”

You probably have experienced that you picked a book because you liked its cover, but it was not worth-reading. In the play of “Macbeth”, also a main character written by William Shakespeare is like that. He is deeply ambitious, though one incidence he experiences completely leads him to the tragedy that happens at the end of the play. The theme, “Fair is foul.” which literally means that things are not as they seem, influences on the play in terms of how the story goes and its characters.

Everything begins at the moment when Macbeth and Banquo with witches in a heath. They are on their way to the Macbeth’s castle from a big victory of the war against Norway. Then witches tell them predictions which indicate Macbeth eventually becomes the king of Scotland and descendants of Banquo become kings yet, Banquo is not. By focusing on their attitudes, it is obvious that their response to what they are told are different. Banquo, Macbeth’s fellow knows the nature of equivocations. It is, that things that sound good always have aspects of bad sides as he commonly questions to witches for the truth and perceives as it is. In contrast, Macbeth even grows his passion for his fame that he always hides in his heart- being the king. He does not know what comes over him since he has thoughts of something has to be done to take over the king’s throne. How they perceive the predictions by witches forever change their fate.

In general, witches are considered as one supernatural but in this play, they play important roles by being able to identify that Macbeth fully trusts their predictions. The key concept of whole predictions by witches are foul yet fair. In other words, they are good at leading Macbeth into temptations by saying good words not telling him any background of them. Unlike Banquo, he continues over thinking what they tell him and make plans for the murder of Duncan. He is not able to sense what the predictions really mean until the very last moment of his life. The little taste of witches Macbeth has motivates him as he pursues his crimes. Witches know how naive Macbeth is even though Macbeth does not understand the whole situation.

Although the supernaturals like witches appear in this play, there are some incidences that can happen in this real world. One of the significance incidence is that when Macbeth was tricked by Malcolm who does camouflages by using branches of woods to hide the numbers of soldiers he owns. This scene is thought as “Fair is foul.” because Macbeth misunderstands what Malcolm means to do, and he sends soldiers for the war where he is killed. Macbeth is told that unless Great Birnam Wood comes and he is not killed by the born of women. He, at that time is completely converted into the person who is not afraid of anything and is up for whatever that makes himself to keep to sit on the seat of the king. His one misunderstanding makes himself into the situation where he cannot go back anymore.

Ambitions of Macbeth totally makes the situation insane as everything is now against him at the end. Because of visions of Macbeth is merely towards his desire, he is not able to see the behind scenes. Fair is foul, the quotations made by witches at the very beginning of the play, totally reflects actions of characters and more, the outcome of the play.

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