Mac S Paraphrase Summary And Direct Quotation Exercise Mac S W Allison Lurie

Topics: Alison Lurie, Foreign Affairs, The War Between the Tates Pages: 1 (580 words) Published: March 12, 2015
Eng. 112: Argument-Based Research / Source Incorporation Primer Distinguishing Between Paraphrase, Summary, Direct Quotation and Plagiarism

Consider the following excerpt from p. 53 of Allison Lurie’s book, The Language of Clothes:

“Interestingly enough, the disappearance of the conventional hat was accompanied and paralleled by a severe simplification of formal etiquette. On all but the most formal occasions, rules of precedence and seating were forgotten. Strangers were introduced by their first names alone, often without regard for rank, age and sex; bank tellers, waitresses, and airline stewards presented themselves to the public as “Hi, I'm Billie.” Instead of talking about the weather or the news of the day, people one had known for five minutes would begin to describe their current emotional state and reveal intimate details of their lives; this process, known as “letting it all hang out,” was often literally echoed in the costume. What seemed to be taking place both in terms of dress and in terms of manners was the abandonment of the formal public self symbolized by the hat.”

Below are several uses of the material above. Some are summary, some are examples of paraphrase, some are direct quotation and some are plagiarism (accidental, we will assume). To further our understanding of proper source incorporation, do the following in regard to the examples below:

I. Begin by identifying which kind of use of the original source material you’re looking at: Is the author attempting summary, paraphrase, or direct quotation?

II. Next, evaluate how skillfully these attempts at source incorporation are executed and indicate whether the use of source material in each case is appropriate or whether it amounts to an instance of (accidental) plagiarism.

III. Finally, explain, briefly, what has led you to your conclusion.

Write your responses to the above prompts, and work either independently or with a partner. Take ten to fifteen minutes to...
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