Mac vs Windows

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Windows PC’s versus MAC by Apple

While shopping for a computer many people ponder if they should buy a MAC or Windows PC. It is a debate that has been ongoing since both computers came into the tech scene. There are loyal and devout followers to both companies and computers. For some, it can be a tough decision with the many options and features of each computer, but for others the choice to be made is not very tough to make. A Windows laptop is a better complete computer then a MAC book because of its ability to be used in a wide range of applications. While both computers seem the same on the outside, for example both use the basic foundations of the computer, including the skeletons of the keyboard, the outline of the mouse, and the design of the screen; they could not be more different. Windows PC’s offer the efficiency, affordability and compatibility that is vital when buying a personal computer. A very important trait when buying a personal computer is efficiency in the needs of your computer. Whether you are purchasing a home computer or a College student you need efficiency in your computer. Windows PC’s offer a huge selection to fit many people’s needs and budgets. They are customizable to fit your needs, and you can add new features when you need and your budget permits. They also offer a huge selection of programs that are compatible with nearly every website and software making its compatibility untouched. While you have hundreds of options with a windows PC it is the opposite in a MAC computer. Options are very limited when looking at MAC computers. They only offer nine variations in their lineup and few options for upgrades. The options are also very basic and similar from one MAC to the other with most differences coming in the way of processors and performance. Window’s PC’s also normally include a version of Microsoft Office, while it has to be purchased separately for a MAC. You have many options in a Windows PC to fit your

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