Mac Vs PC Case Study

Topics: Risk, Get a Mac, Decision theory Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: January 14, 2015
Mac vs PC Case Study


The “Get a Mac” campaign was a series of TV commercials ads created for Apple launched in 2006. In all series of the ads, they feature a Mac guy and PC guy against each other by comparing the feature or user experience of Apple’s and Microsoft’s computer. This campaign successfully creates an image of Apple’s user as a young, friendly, cool and confident. By contrast, the PC guy is an up-tight, traditional, insecure character who dress was oversized. The main message of the campaign is to convince the computer user that Windows’s PC is hard to use, cause lot of trouble and unstable. While, in contrast, Apple’s Mac is easy to use, safe and stable. The target audience for this campaign is people who don’t entrench in either camp (Mac or Windows), not particularly technologically savvy and average person. The campaign was very success. Just one month after the campaign, an increase of 200,000 Macs were sold and at the end of 2006, there are totally 1,300,000 Macs shipped.

In order to fire back, Microsoft launch a TV ads and a free Xbox offer to show it’s fun side. The target customer is us undergrads who is planning to buy a new computer in the coming 12 months.

Q1.What characteristics of extended problem solving are involved in a computer purchase?

For extensive problem solving, customer will get more involvement in the decision making process mainly due to the self-concept and the relatively higher perceived risk. Consumer will try to obtain as much information as possible and compare the brand or product carefully. In the purchase of computer, as the price is relatively high as compare to other consumable goods, a higher financial risk will result. Consumer will have higher involvement in the decision making process. On the other hand, as mentioned in the introduction, the user image and the self-concept would be another factor motivates the consumer to pay more attention in choosing the right product. They will...
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