Mac vs Pc

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Macs vs PCs
Whether to buy a Macintosh or a Personal Computer is the question in the minds of millions who are looking to buy a new computer. To choose between the two is similar to choosing whether to buy apples or oranges. The main difference between Macs and PCs is the operating system that each runs; the most recent operating system release for Macs is Mac OS X Leopard and for PCs it is Microsoft Windows Vista. Also another difference between Macs and PCs is what parts are used and who makes them. By comparing and contrasting Macs and PCs one can become one can become more knowledgeable in the area of computers. By looking at Leopard and Vista, one can see many differences and similarities. To start with, the appearances of the two operating systems are very different. On Vista, the start menu and task bar is on the bottom of the screen, while on Leopard the task bar is on the top. Leopard does not necessarily have a start menu but instead has a dock that is positioned at the bottom of the screen by default. Similarity both operating systems come with "bundled" software provided by the manufacture. In Leopard, one will get iTunes, Safari, iChat, and Mail; in Vista the equivalents are Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Messenger, and Microsoft Outlook. These applications all aim at accomplishing the same task, so it is all a matter of preference. For multimedia viewing and management both operating systems have their own special Tivo-look alike program: Front Row (for Leopard) and Windows Media Center (for Vista). They both let users use a remote to browse and play videos, pictures, and music from the comfort of their couches. One big difference between Leopard and Vista is security. Security is an important factor because with lousy security ones files can be easily accessed and files can be lost to viruses. In 2006 there were two documented viruses that affected Mac users while there was well over 100,000 reported viruses for...
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