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The article that I was working on is an article written by Brent Schlender in the magazine, Fortune. This particular article is about a best seller product that is produced by the company called “Apple Inc”. The product that had become the company’s hottest line is the Macintosh personal computers. It is known as Mac PCs. Based on the article, it is written that no doubt the sales of iPod music players together with iTunes music downloads and sales of the iPhones had generated a lot of profit for the company, but the Mac PCs still managed to regain their title as the company’s highest revenue source in June 2007 even though Mac PCs had to struggle their way to break through the worldwide market. The Apple’s Mac sales have indeed increased at triple the rate of other PC industry which made the company settled at third place in the U.S, behind Dell and Hewlett-Packard. The company’s shares are said to be much higher than it has targeted. Besides that, the article did mention the reasons why Mac PCs are Apple’s hottest line which is due to Apple’s PCs being ultimately personal and designed with the creativeness of individuals instead of the corporate IT department. Apple’s PCs doesn’t compete for corporate servers that are considered PCs due to their internal design, and never aimed for big businesses besides publishers and creative departments. The sales of Mac PCs increased due to the purchases made by students and working adults. 15% market shares of PCs sold in retail and online services are due to good advertising strategies used by the company. From this, it increases the percentage point of shares for Apple in its unit sales. The article also stated that Apple has the best software which is constantly upgraded that improves performance of the PCs. It is stated that Mac PCs can also run standard Windows software that most people use to do their work. Therefore, the Mac PCs are the hottest product in the Apple industry.

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