Maary Barnett

Topics: Panic attack, Anxiety, Childbirth Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Jose GuerraFebruary 29, 2009
Ms. AdamsGust 0342

Assignment for Mary Barnett
Mary Barnett, the defendant, should not be held responsible for the actions taken and she should clearly be put under the care of the doctors in a health facility. Taking under consideration that Mary is mentally ill and has postpartum depression, she should not be put in jail for it.

Alice Jones has known the defendant for more than eight years, and she thinks Mary has a very good attributes both as a social person, and a mother. Ms. Jones believes Mary started to get depressed after Allison was born, and especially when her ex fiancé Tim Stewart moved to California and called off the wedding and she started drinking. For all these reasons Alice believes Mary left little Allison without consciously being alert that she had left her unattended. Dr. Bloom says Mary has postpartum depression, which offended her after the birth of her child. Like Ms. Jones, Dr. Bloom thinks she is depressed, despite, and alcoholic. She was obsessed with her fiancé, which drove him away and just made things worse. Since the trial Mary has suffered 2 anxiety attacks and had been in the hospital for several days. Mary Barnett herself knows that she did wrong leaving the child alone, but says that she did not know what was going on, and that she would have stopped it if she had realized what she was doing. All she had wanted was to get to her ex fiancé with the hope of him fixing things, yet this didn’t happen.

Caroline Hospers thought that Mary was a disgrace and that she couldn’t even keep a husband, but what she didn’t know was that Mary was depressed and in desperate need for help. She thought Mary was just another drunk that was irresponsible and not fit to bad mother. Hospers is wrong because Mary lobed her child and because of the depression and the drinking she didn’t know what she was doing. Officer Mitchell was there when they found the child dead and interrogated Mary....
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