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4a, Carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulation and organizational requirements and also to ensure appropriate action is taken4

4b, Identify health and safety regulations and legislation applicable in specific work situations and to ensure these are correctly and effectively applied9

4c, Systematically review organizational health and safety policies and procedures in order to ensure they are effective and that they comply with legislation and regulations15

4d, Ensure practical application of health and safety policies and procedures20

5a, Monitor systems and work activities and identify problems and opportunities for improvement 22

5b, Recommend improvements which align with the organization’s objectives and goals and which result in a reduction in the variation between what customers and other stakeholders want and what products, processes and services deliver25

5c, Identify the wider implications of proposed changes within Vinamilk28

5d, Plan, implementation and evaluation changes within Vinamilk 31



inamilk is one of leader dairy market in Vietnam nowadays. When Vinamilk has bought new machines to improve the processing lines in company, they must face with these risks and hazards go along with the assembly and operation of new machines. As a consulting member of the “quality team” this report has been written for Tran Bao Minh the deputy GM of Vinamilk Corporation to provide the clearly view and fully information about the risk assessment for the assembling and operate of new product lines. At the same time, this report contained the information about the way to develop and monitor the OHS system in Vinamilk. 4a.Carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulation and organizational requirements and also to ensure appropriate action is taken.

This question is going to give definition of Risk assessment, Hazard and Risk. Then it wills analysis how to carry out the risk assessment and give example about Risk assessment for Vinamilk Risk assessment is a step of the Risk management system, when all the potential problems which can be listed would be written down into the table. After that it will be assessed base on its impacts to the business or else. Its impacts or damages could be categorized to 3 main parts: Physical, Human and System. Besides that, a risk assessment is an essential step in protecting our workers and our company, as well as complying with the law. It helps organization focus on the risks that really matter in their workplace.  Hazard is something potentially cause harm to people. It could be machinery, an awkward activity or the method of work. Risk is the potential change that something can cause harm to the business. Risk is having many forms such as: Economic risks, Health, Safety and Environment risks, Information and Security risks, Human labor risks.

According to the article “Risk assessment” on healthyworkinglives, it defines a Risk Assessment is a systematic method of looking at work activities, considering what could go wrong, and deciding on suitable control measures to prevent loss, damage or injury in the workplace. The Assessment should include the controls required to eliminate, reduce or minimize the risks (Healthyworkinglives, 2010)

There are five steps for people to assess the potential risks in Vinamilk: Source:

✓ Step 1: Looking for the hazard
It means we will need to work out how people could be harmed. When we work in a place every day it is easy to overlook some hazards. This step required the involvement of employees because they are people who facing with risks and hazards at work. For example, walk around your workplace and look at what could reasonably be expected to cause harm...
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