Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Amazon River Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: November 19, 2013
CHAPTER 5  : Page 193 MA EARTH SKIN CARE TRIES TO STAY NATURAL  (20%) Question 1:       The ethical issue that facing by Heather is personal issue.She is wasting too much money to get the material for the product.Her company have to give a lot of money and supply some facilities to the villagers to grow up the stuff for them to produce the product.Beside that , Ma Earth Skin care is using a different strategy for gaining the product image in the market.They come out with a different idea that using all natural ingredients and to operate with minimal adverse impact on the planet to produce the product. Heather and her team also preparing a promotional campaign for a new product line, Oré Essentials, which includes lipsticks, foundation, and eye shadows.In this condition, she realized that company is using a wrong way to market its product.This is because she make an expensive purchase of ingredients of the products from the villagers that is more expensive than if she direct purchase from a mainstream supplier.       Ma Earth need to create an ethical climate that would help managers such as Heather ensure that they are behaving ethically.Firstly, they should changes in labor contract in term of quantity and quality of product.They persuade the villagers to plant the stuff and invest a lot of money to grow up the stuff but the villagers didn’t  grow up the stuff for them.Rationally,they have to exploit the Amazon forest for company own use.If they do like this they just need to invest not so much money to get the stuff and they can plant the stuff later to preserve the environment.If they exploit the Amazon forest for company own use can ensure there is no illegal trading with the chief in the tribe to get the ingredients.This will prevent disobey the laws and regulations happen in our society.The company also can withdraw school and clinic in the tribe to lower the cost.This will show that they are still behaving ethically and they can lower their cost to provide...
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