Ma Concert Critique 3

Topics: Performance, Eminem, Jay-Z Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Amanda Alexander
Concert Critique # 3
Music Appreciation

On the Run with Beyoncé and Jay-Z
I was utterly excited as I entered the ever so popular M & T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On the Run Concert was the major attraction in which I was so anxious to see. The date was July 7, 2014 and show time was at 8:00 pm sharp. There were concert ushers all over the stadium waiting to assist you to the designated area that your ticket stated you should be in throughout the duration of the show. There were lights in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes surrounding the stadium and especially the stage area. The overly sized screens were hanging down in various areas so that everyone could get a full view of what was taking place on stage. The stadium officials were announcing stadium whereabouts to the audience every so often before show time so that no one would get lost. I felt as if I was someone very important just being there in such a great atmosphere. The attire for the evening was of very classy taste. Everyone seem to have tried their hardest to dress to empress the next person. You would have thought that each and every person in the audience had to make an appearance on stage. The event staff even had beautiful hair dos and clean cuts as their yellow shirts stood out among the large crowd. Concert participants and performers were altogether lovely in their many forever changing outfits. They seemed as if they were very well rehearsed because to my eyes they never missed a beat. The concert announcer took his place on the stage and that was all that seemed to be needed because the lighting grew more vivid and back up dancers began to caress the stage with the hottest moves of the summer. The stadium was full of people chanting lyrics of the two very well-known artist. All you could hear is, “ I don’t care if we are on the run, just as long as I am next to you,” That was all it took for the audience to learn that the...
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