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Topics: American Civil War, Artillery, Rifle Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Jack Fahey
Hour 4
North Weapons of the Civil War

During the Civil War in 1861-1865, many new weapons were invented by the north. The North were far ahead artillery wise than the south. Because of the new weapon technology increasing, the war strategies changed. The ironclad ship was the start of the new technology for weapons in the Civil war. The ironclad ship could splinter wooden ships, withstand cannon fire and resist burning. The North’s “monitor” and the South’s “Merrimack” ships started off the first duel with new technology being used. Soon after the ironclad ship came the invention of the rifle and the minie ball. The rifles could load faster, and they were more accurate to shoot at the enemy than the musket was. The minie ball was used because it was more destructive than the regular bullet was. Soldiers in The north also used Hand grenades to throw at the enemy and land mines witch is a buried explosive device. Cannons had a huge role in the civil war. There were many types of cannons but they were categorized by smoothbore or rifle. The most commonly used cannons by the north were the parrot riffles or “napoleon”. The napoleon could damage targets up to 1,700 yards away. The Springfield model 1861 was the main rifle used throughout the whole civil war. It had far greater range and accuracy than any other musket during the war. When the Civil war ended, one of the main reasons the North came out on top of winning is because they had more access to better weapons and supplies.
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