M5 Argument Essay

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Module 5 Argument Essay Assignment
In this assignment you will write a five paragraph argumentation essay on a topic of your own choice. You will use the results from your research and rhetoric assignments to help you complete this essay.

How to Proceed with Argument Essay:
In this essay you will chose a controversial topic and write a basic argumentative essay. You will pick one side of an issue and argue for that side. For example, if you write an essay about mixed martial arts then you could argue that the sport is too dangerous for children under ten years old. Or you could take the other side of the argument and state that mixed martial arts is the perfect way to teach young children discipline and self-control. Your introductory paragraph needs to provide background on your topic. Your thesis statement should present your side of the argument, or your claim. What is your side of the argument? Your three (3) body paragraphs will be the presentation of your reasons and evidence. Your reasons and evidence must support the argument established in your thesis statement. You may include different types of evidence and opposing viewpoints. Within the body paragraphs you need:

At least two outside sources, and they must come from the online library databases (EBSCO). One visual aid. Your visual can be a graph or a picture or something else. Your visual aid should directly relate to your argument. Be sure to document your source using MLA formatting on your Works Cited page.

Your concluding paragraph will reinforce your thesis statement. You may encourage your reader to take some kind of action. Your final draft should have a minimum of three (3) body paragraphs. Be sure not to alienate your audience. Your argument needs to bring your readers in and then convince them that you are right. Use the rhetorical strategies you developed in Discussion 5.3 to write effectively and persuade your reader. Review the Graphic Organizer on...

Cited: page is needed for your required outside sources.
Submit your Argument Essay to the Dropbox. See the Schedule in the Start Here module for due dates, and the Essay Rubric for grading information.
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