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————————————————————_———————————————————————— Minor case FootView 3D
Module 4: Product and market development

1, What are the strategic options for product and/or market development for the organisation? – Ansoff’s product-matrix

Ansoff’s product-matrix


Existing products
New Products



Market Penetration:

Price drop for current measurement unit (UK)-- not mentioned in case

Product Development:

New generation(cheaper) measurement unit & innovative and cost effective prototypes in UK market


Market Development:

Targeting new customer segments in the same geographic region(civilian - US- Unit)(有争议) Expanding geographically (CN-- Measurement unit)

Diversification:(High risk)

FootView 3D’s data, it has also attracted the interest of manufacturers wanting access to aggregate data on foot sizes by region, in order to improve production planning Motorcycle Helmet
US&CN - innovative and cost effective prototypes
New generation online measurement unit

2,Does the organisation have a strategy regarding development of new products or expanding its markets to remain competitive and/or to grow? Or is it possible that the company is taking another approach to growth (e.g. vertical integration)? Yes, ConQ has a growth strategy.

Moves into civilian markets. In 2012, ConQ’s working group decided exploring new products and markets in the civilian (non-military) marketplace using the technology developed in defence. As part of a growth strategy, ConQ’s board decided that new markets for the proposed expansion of the FootView 3D are the US and China. Coli committed a team of ConQ scientists to develop innovative and cost-effective prototypes, and also provided them considerable scope and independence to explore new product features and designs. Coli also wants to develop related product based on 3D technology, such as correct head-sizing for motorcycle helmets. ConQ markets in the civilian (non military) marketplace using the technology developed in defence. There are some other approaches to growth, such as “Solutions, not products or services” and “Vertical integration” etc. However the case did not mention whether ConQ wants to try those approaches or not. It looks like those approaches were not suit for ConQ. 3,If the organisation is considering new product development, review the important aspects to consider, including the key success factors for new product development. Textbook P260 key success factors for new product development. intellectual property p264

ConQ may need consider invest Intellectual property for new product development, such as Patent and Trademarks. Patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention- a product or process that provides a new way of doing something. Trademark-Consumers are able to identify and purchase a product or service based on whether it’s specific characteristics and quality. ConQ need invest in IP rights to protect FootView 3D patent and trademark, as well as new innovation products. Key success factor

Understanding of users’ needs
A 2012 study of over individuals in the US, by the institute for Preventive Foot Health, found that 78% of adults had experienced foot issues at some time often due to poorly fitting shoes, including those that too tight, too high or poorly structured.

In the UK, a 2014 study by the College of Podiatry, involving 2000 adults, found more than 30% of men and nearly 50% of women admitted buying shoes that didn’t fit properly

ConQ provide the creative freedom and proper working environment generate ideas and create products that they believe the customers wants. Coli committed a team of ConQ scientists to develop innovative and cost effective prototypes, and also provided them with...
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