M3:21 Organizing and Delegating

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Organising people to achieve objectives
Within our company of facilities management, most of the day to day running is based around organising and delegating tasks to our supply chain. This takes a lot of different considerations as to who we send the tasks to. All of our suppliers are vetted thoroughly through our system before any works can be issued to them. Not only do they have to have the necessary legal information available i.e. insurances etc. but we also have to vet their engineers. We have to ensure they are all CRB check. (Criminal Records Bureau) However, there is also other elements of information we require from them to assist us within day to day running. Suppliers have to identify within their initial registration what disciplines they are able to cover showing that they have engineers with the associated skill sets, qualifications etc. They also have to identify which regions within the country they have coverage for. Once the suppliers have completed their registration form (Please see example attached in appendix) it is sent to a director for approval. Once approved, the supplier will be set up on our system. We as a company then have to ensure that all of the helpdesk staff know exactly what suppliers are on our books, what disciplines they cover and what areas in the country they cover. A client will send a task through to the helpdesk. This can be via phone, email or portal. A helpdesk member of staff is then expected to ascertain what discipline the task should be logged under and also decide what priority the job should go on. Once this is complete, they then have to send the task to a supplier. This is where the information from the supplier’s registration shows its...
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