M3.13 Assignment

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Work based assignment – M3.13 Developing yourself and others

Analysis of development needs and learning styles

I decided to complete a development needs analysis to identify any development that would enable me to upskill and improve on my current skills and abilities. I completed this in the form of a S.W.O.T analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

It took me a while to consider my Strengths and Weaknesses and I found it useful to look over my job description to help me with this. On consideration I feel my strengths are good communication skills with people on all levels and the ability to be conscientious and thorough in the quality of work I carry out. I feel however that I could develop further in areas of organisation and prioritization of workload and to gain a recognized teaching qualification.

I then requested a colleague to carry out a development needs analysis also and I gave her the S.W.O.T analysis for consideration. I suggested that she may also want to refer to her job description as I did as this had helped me when completing it. We discussed her roles and responsibilities and she felt that she was strong at leadership and delegation but that she could be with development in her PC skills and learning more about my role and the training programmes that I manage.

Once we’d established our development needs we moved onto identifying what our learning styles were. In order to do this we completed a Honey and Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire which consisted of 80 questions that required a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. I personally found this quite difficult as it made me really think honestly about myself. I supported my colleague throughout this process, also ensuring that she took the time to think carefully about each answer to ensure an accurate result. After this part was complete we had to transfer our answers to a numbered grid that would then indicate whether we were an ‘Activist’, ‘Reflector’, ‘Theorist’ or ‘Pragmatist’.

Activists tend to be enthusiastic and act first and consider the implications later. Reflectors view things from different perspectives. They collect data and review and think. They also enjoy observing and listen to views. Theorists tend to think things through very carefully step by step and adapt and integrate observations into complex theories. They can be perfectionists. Pragmatists are eager to try things out and like concepts that apply to their job. They can be impatient and have lengthy discussions. They are practical people who are down to earth.

My learning style showed me to be a Pragmatist which I agree with as I do feel I’m very down to earth and practical. I also tend to hold very lengthy discussions and sometimes talk more than is necessary on certain topics. I’m not keen on ‘lecture style’ learning and much prefer practical based teaching. I also can be impatient at times.

My colleagues learning style showed as a Reflector which I also agree with as she shows a good deal of support to her team through observing them in their work and spending time speaking and listening to their feedback and supporting them as necessary. She is also good at collating paperwork together to help inform how she can best support her team.

Development options to meet development needs

Once I had completed the strengths and weaknesses on my S.W.O.T analysis, I transferred my weaknesses to my Personal Development Plan in SMART targets. My first target was to improve on my organisation and become more effective at prioritizing my workload and the second target was gain a recognized qualification in teaching.

I feel that it is essential in any line of work to be organised and be able to prioritize your workload as you will then feel a sense of accomplishment in the work...
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