Topics: Root cause analysis, Policy, Theory of Forms Pages: 8 (2154 words) Published: October 9, 2011

UKDC .Data Capture is proud partners of the 2011 Census Delivery Team, working alongside our clients The Office for National Statistics and The Northern Ireland Statistics Research Agency.UKDC operates a custom document, content management and data collection solution to help our clients, capture, manage and understand their data, turning it into meaningful, high volume information.UKDC consists of five main process departments. These departments are as follows. * WAREHOUSE-This is where all census forms are delivered in envelopes, sorted into priority groups 1 to 6, then processed into batch boxes containing an average of 60 forms. At this point each box is given a unique barcode placed onto the top right hand corner of the box. Also placed into each batch box is a set of 4 barcodes that are affiliated to the outside barcode. Once forms have been processed into priority groups and batch boxes they are either stored in warehouse storage area until ready to be processed in the next department. If ready for next department the envelopes are all slit along one edge by passing through mechanical slitting machines and sent through to the next department. * DOC-PREP-This department follows on from warehouse. The role of this department is to remove all forms from slit envelopes and carefully check through the forms and remove any foreign materials. Once forms have been checked in each batch box they are then placed into 4 equal batches .Each batch is given a Batch Header sheet. Each Batch Header sheet is given 1 of the 4 barcodes that were placed into the boxes at warehouse. These barcodes tie in the contents to the outside barcode. Each Batch Header must also be signed, dated and pod number where operatives are working recorded. Batch Headers are then placed between each batch in the batch box. Once forms have been removed from their envelopes, checked and batched with separating headers they continue to the guillotine area where they are again removed from batch boxes and spines removed via guillotines. Once again batch headers are signed and dated and guillotine number recorded. Forms are now ready to go to the next department. * SCANNING-The scanning department is the department that follows on from Doc-prep. Once batch boxes reach scanning they again are removed from their boxes and placed through state of the art photo image scanning machines. At this stage all the forms are in single page format but must go through machines and maintain batch and form identy.When a full box has been scanned contents are placed back into original box and top batch header signed and dated. In scanning it is imperative all foreign materials have been removed so machine is kept at maximum efficiency.Foriegn materials can cause scanners to jam up and cause disruption to the overall process. Once forms have been scanned all the images on the paper forms is captured and turned into electronic data. The forms then continue to the next department. * KEYING AND CODING—this department collects the electronic data captured in scanning and turns it into meaningful statistical data that can be used by our clients. This process can take up to 5 days to complete 1 day worth completed in scanning. Once forms have been processed through scanning they are held in a storage area for 5 days then they continue onto the next department. * CHECKOUT-This department is where final checks are made to ensure all forms have been processed through previous departments without any issues. If there has been a problem in a previous department, such as data missing, or all relevant information has been collected in Keying Coding then checkout system will not allow these forms any further until problem has been resolved. When checkout system has passed forms as completed they are booked back into warehouse storage area. They will remain here until our clients say they can be destroyed. * My role...
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