Topics: Economics, Poverty, International trade Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: April 21, 2015
M2 Compare the challenges to selected business activities within a selected organisation, in two different economic environments It is very common in a large business to move abroad but there are a lot of factors to be considered when planning to start operation in a different country as countries differ depending on their background, policies, infrastructure and stability. In this report I will compare the challenges to business activities within Nike. In two different economic environments: India and the UK. Nike is a large sports shop around the world but began in the US. India is second most populated country in the world. Recently India has been quoted as the most rapidly grown country in the last couple of years, this means business opportunities have increased. In contrast the UK has a significantly smaller population than India. India’s GDP growth rate has averaged out at 9.4% per year and it take 7 years to double that. In recent years, Indian businesses have become much more efficient and India has become the 4th largest Asian economy: meaning that if Nike wanted to expand into India it would face a lot of competition from other businesses with similar products. Nike’s most popular products are football gear, such as boots, trainers, shin pads. In India they don’t have a huge supply of sports products so this could be a challenge as locals could refuse to buy products from Nike. India’s media industry is great because there cable TV market has more than 60 million subscribers about the size of the UK population: this is an advantage to Nike because they could advertise its company and products on Indian TV. The number of people registered with online internet services in India is greater than 38 million. This gives Nike a huge opportunity to also advertise and sell its products online. If expanding a business into operating in India, one is provided with a lot of opportunities but there are also a number of issues and challenges a business might have...
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