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HUM440 A01
Instructor Schneider
Alishia Lewis
September 14, 2013
Some refer to an argument as a heated quarrel, others a formal debate. When critical thinking is applied to an exchange of opinions between two or people, an argument ensues where a deeper, more accurate understanding of an issue occurs. Within an argument there is a premise and conclusion (Ruggiero, 82). A premise is a statement that is the basis of an argument, and will lead to a conclusion. The “word therefore and synonyms such as so and consequently are often used to identify conclusions.” A conclusion is a deduction based on the premise. She is from Minnesota, so we know that she is nice.

This is an argument. She is from Minnesota is the premise, we know that she is nice is the conclusion. How can the paper be due today? Today is Tuesday!
This is an assertion.
I won't eat broccoli. Broccoli is yucky.
Argument. I won’t eat broccoli is the premise, broccoli is yucky is the conclusion. The park was beautiful, with trees, flowers, and buzzing bees. The bright flashes of the wings of dragonflies were everywhere. This is an opinion, followed by a statement.

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This looks like an angry order, not an argument.
We studied hard, did all the exercises, and practiced all the proficiencies. Thus, there is no way that we will fail this course. Argument. The premise is we studied hard, did all the exercises, and practiced all the proficiencies. There is no way that we will fail this course is the conclusion. She was laughing and thus having fun.

This is an argument. She was laughing is the premise. Having fun is the conclusion. Why are we looking for premises and conclusions?
This is a question.
Many teachers do not know whether students have too much homework, too little, or just enough. This is a statement.
Ruggiero. Beyond Feelings: A Guide to Critical Thinking (8th ed). McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions. Retrieved from...
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