M1 Custodial Care

Topics: Prison, Punishment, English-language films Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: February 24, 2015
Adjudications are formal procedures used in prisons which are like court hearings, but they are quicker and cost considerably less. The prisoner in the situation which is accused may been given legal advice. This would come from either prison staff or inmates, and they are known as your McKenzie friend. These Adjudications are put into process when an offence has taken place inside the prison involving inmates. For example offences would be things such as possession of contraband or physical assault towards another inmate, or a visitor. Depending on the severity of the situation there a different repercussions for their actions. They can have their privileges taken away, whether it is some of them or all of them. This would be things like, time out of their cell or in cell televisions. They could also have their wage for work lowered or stripped completely. This also depends on the scale of their actions. If what the accused has done is a large problem then they could have an extension put onto their sentence. The maximum for this is 42 days. Incentives are the positive privileges prisoners can earn and achieve. These come with periods of good behaviour which can also be lost if their behaviour becomes negative. Like punishments rewards also depend on how well you are behaving. These rewards would be things like, more wages for their work, or even access to their money located outside of prison life. They could possibly wear their own clothes, or also be given more time to socialise outside of their cell. These two types of schemes work extremely well in prisons. The Adjudications work well because some prisoners think that they are in prison they cannot be punished further, however these adjudications could make them realise they are not above anything and can still be punished for their actions. Whereas for the prisoners who behave well and do not try anything against the rules, the rewards are given. This could make them realise that they do not need to...
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