M1 Carbine

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April 22, 2011
WWII: U.S. Army Support Units in the Fight
There is no doubt that the M1 Garand Rifle is the focal point of the standard U.S. Army infantryman of WWII. However there was another weapon that played just as great a role in achieving victory for the Allies in the war. The M1 Carbine would become a wall in which the fast moving German advance could not disable the supporting elements of the Allied front line. Of all the weapons used in WWII few would think the M1 Carbine would acquire such a elevated reputation and prominent history. Historically, the M1 Carbine is recognized in its production, service, specifications, and use outside of the battlefield.
After a request from the military for a new, “light” rifle, several engineers began work on the weapon, including David M. “Carbine” Williams, who is well known for his patents in rifle development (in and out of prison). Contrary to belief, in which many credit him to a majority of the work, Williams actually played a small part in the M1 Carbine’s design. Designed mostly by Winchester’s William Roemer and Fred Humeston, the M1 Carbine evolved from shelved designs for a light hunting rifle. Roemer and Humeston took a simple thirteen days to complete a prototype. Through great minds for design and some luck, Wichester won the competition for the new light rifle, beating out Colt and Garand. September 1941, the military selected and adopted the U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30 M1. Produced and issued in a larger magnitude than any of the other U.S. small arms in WWII, 10 main manufacturers collectively built more than six million M1 Carbines. Nevertheless,

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