M1 assess the biomedical and socio

Topics: Illness, Disability, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: December 13, 2014
M1 assess the biomedical and socio-medical models of health Biomedical model
I am going to assess the two models of health which are the biomedical model which this is objective and socio medical model which is subjective, I will be capering the two models of health by linking it to perspectives and to write my own examples to show my own understanding. In addition I will be explaining to what extent each model takes into account as if there are any environmental and social issues that should be considered when assessing the needs of individuals in health and social care. Biomedical model: it is a conceptual model of illness that excludes psychological and social factors and includes only biological factors in an attempt to understand a person’s medical illness or disorder. This is not holistic, in the biomedical model disabled/ ill individuals are seen as are seen as the issue. This model reflects the world health organisation of health and the perspectives of the NHS. The principle motivation behind the NHS is to greatly improve situations by making people use better scientific methods, but very often disabled/ ill people can’t be cured and so don’t fit in with this perspectives. It defines and categorises disabled people by their impairment, and it casts the individual as the victim or problem. The model says that disabled/ ill people need to change and adapt to circumstances (in the event that they can), and does not feel that society needs to change. It overlooks the (barriers) environmental factors that might be stopping their progress; it fits in well with the functionalist perspectives of disease. Functionalist would say that while a person is on the sick role, they have the rights to be let off from their usual social obligations until they are capable of returning and should expect to receive care to make them better, but they also have got the responsibility of showing signs of improvements in getting better by using medical help. Many disabled/ill...
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