M1 Access the Biomedical and Social Medical Models of Health. Look at the Effects and Impact of Each Model. You Will Need to Give Valid Examples.

Topics: Illness, Medicine, Medical model Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: June 19, 2013
M1 Access the biomedical and social medical models of health. Look at the effects and impact of each model. You will need to give valid examples. In the essay i will contrast the two models, looking at their impacts and effects. Also will look at which one is more helpful/effective in society. In relation to social perspective, Biomedical and socio-medical are both different from each other in terms of how they view society and the way they deal with health. Biomedical model approach to ill-health is that, when someone is sick, they should be given a “quick fix” so they can go back to work. This is very effective because it make sure that staffs are always available to do their jobs because if someone is absence from their duty due to illness or injury then that affects other people as well. This model also provides assistive technology to make the work force easier for staffs and clients, because now people with all disability can have a job and be treated as equal to everyone else. Marxist can be related to bio medical because they both try and get the staffs back to work as soon as possible through short term treatments. In terms of health, it not very good for the individuals because there illness is not being treated properly and the main cause of the problem is not found out by the doctors. Biomedical does not look at the living conditions of the person or the environment they are living in to see if it is related to their problem. So that means the patient’s health will not be improved which can lead to reoccurrence, furthermore since doctors only give “quick fix” to their patient, they are not able to develop a strong relationship between their patients. socio medical model does not only concentrates on what the individual have said but also looks at various factors such as the environment and their living conditions to find the route of their problems. This is very effective in getting read of the problem completely because it does not use “quick...
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