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Emmanuella Gyapong
BTEC Diploma in Business 90 Credits
Unit 1: Business Environment
In this assignment, I will elaborate on the points of view of the various stakeholder groups such as customers, community, trade union, government, employees and others. I will also explain about what the stakeholders are trying to achieve by influencing the purposes of the organization. The organizations that I will be elaborating on are marks and spencer and Oxfam and I will sate their aims and objectives. Aims are the long term goals that are planned by the company to be achieved within a period of time and objectives are the steps or guidelines that help with the achievement of the aims. Marks and Spencer

Marks and spencer is a major British retailer that specify in the selling of clothing, home products and luxury food. Marks and spencer is a public limited company because they sell shares to the public. The main aim of marks and spencer is to maximize profit and become the world’s most sustainable major retailer by 2015. Some objectives that they have set are to: Develop new brand identities

Become an international and a multi-channel retailer
Maintain and attract customers
To train more people to have the experience in retailing business. How the Stakeholders Influence the Aims and Objectives of Marks and Spencer Stakeholders are a group of people or a person that is affected by the activities of the organization. Marks and spencer has various stakeholders such as those stated in the introduction and I will explain how they influence the purpose. CUSTOMERS: A customer is a person who buys goods or services from a company. Due to the fact that they do the purchasing of products and services from Marks and Spencer, they make sure whether the products they are purchasing are of good quality and they have affordable prices. It is through their purchasing that Marks and Spencer gain their profits. There are ways marks and spencer use to know and understand...
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