Lynmouth and Bangladesh Floods - Comparison

Topics: Flood, Drainage basin, Water Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: November 16, 2008
In 1952 and 1998, devastating floods in Lynmouth and Bangladesh occurred. The drainage basins of both places were unable to contain the amount of rainfall fallen on the ground and therefore they flooded. However, these two floods are different as Lynmouth is an MEDC and Bangladesh is an LEDC. Therefore, we are comparing and contrasting these two flooding events.

Firstly, what are similarities of these two floods? In both places, the magnitude of the floods was unprecedented. Both places were not prepared for the amount of flooding that affected the area. This resulted in catastrophic effects in both Lynmouth and Bangladesh. For example, after the flooding in Lynmouth and Bangladesh occurred, many were left homeless as they houses had been destroyed by the flood. Damage was widespread in both places as well. The flooding in both places was largely due to the heavy rainfall in the days leading up to the floods. Although both Lynmouth and Bangladesh had large drainage densities, they were still unable to contain the rainfall, and therefore flooding. These are the similarities of both floods.

The differences and contrasts between these two floods are considerably greater than their similarities. To begin, the Lynmouth flooding occurred in an MEDC while the Bangladesh flooding occurred in an LEDC. This would have meant that the aid and reaction to the Lynmouth flooding would be greater and quicker than that of the Bangladesh flooding. Additionally, the effects of the flood in Bangladesh would definitely be greater as: 1) The flooding of Bangladesh took place on a much wider scale and 2) Bangladesh is an LEDC. As much of Bangladesh is situated 6m below sea level, flooding is ‘normal’ in Bangladesh as it helps crops develop in the farmlands and it maintains the balance of organisms in the area. This would cause 20 percent of Bangladesh to be underwater. The type of flooding in Lynmouth, however, would only take place once every 100 to 200 years. These are the...
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