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Lynda Smith “Disconnected” Rhetorical Summary

By kamilzlahoda Mar 02, 2011 292 Words
Lynda Smith “Disconnected” Rhetorical Summary.

In her essay, “Disconnected”, Lynda Smith apprehends that today’s technological forward movements are taking over our basic human interactions. She explains that we are being brainwashed into believing that cell phone, computers and other technological gadgets help us to stay connected smoothly and instantaneously. Although the reality is by using these gadgets we are not experiencing face to face communications, instead we are separating from each other.

Lynda Smith tries to connect with readers emotions by pointing out misleading cell phone carrier commercials and slogans. Smith also uses further facts to support her claims, that these companies have lied to us and succeeded by providing false information by repetition. Which causal has the customer believe these companies are trustworthy and customer friendly. Even more she uses CIA’s data base information to show the number of cell phone and internet users to conclude her theory on commercials influencing our choices to purchase these services. Furthermore, Smith connects with people who have been affected by advertising and cell phone carries enormous number of cell phone users. Smith's example portrays a men who was lead to believe, he would save time by owning a cell phone, while the truth is there is no saving time. Big corporations are just out to warp our sense of time so that we really end up with less, while still buying their products, and jumping on the bandwagon.

Smith ends her arguments by stating we all have individual choice to decide how we communicate with our close once. Will it be by fast forwarding technology, or face to face interaction, either way we need to keep updated with technology in order progress forwards but we can not depend on it.

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