Lymphatic System

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The lymphatic system
The lymphatic system belongs to the circulatory system; it consists of a network of lymphatic vessels which carry around fluid which is known as lymph. These carry the fluid towards the heart in different directions. These vessels are spread out the human body. The vessels are similar to that of the circulatory systems vessels as it consists of smaller lymphatic capillaries that form vessels. Lymph fluid is when the tissue fluid is collected though the lymph capillaries. When blood and surrounding cells are continuously exchanging substances from the tissue fluid, the fluid then gradually becomes lymph fluid. There are specific tubular vessels which regulate the transportation of lymph into the blood stream, which then replaces the volume of blood which has been lost when tissue fluid is being formed. Unlike the cardiovascular system, there is no central pump in the lymphatic system and so circulate from one center to another. The lymph is circulated by peristalsis through the lymphatic channels. Vessels can there form together to become trunks then form even further too eventually become lymphatic ducts. This vessel is known for emptying lymph into one of the subclavien veins. There are two major ducts within in the body, one is called the Right lymphatic duct and the other is called the thoracic duct. The right lymphatic duct drains lymph from the right arm and the right halves of the head and neck. The thoracic duct drains from the remaining part of the body. The lymph fluid is colourless and consists of plasma. Within this fluid there may also be traces of hormones, bacteria, lipids, macrophages, bacteria and cellular waste products. Lymph flows away from lymph nodes and eventually to either lymph ducts. Lymph nodes are small oval shaped organs that are part of the immune system, which are located throughout the whole body. These nodes act as filters for lymph nodes and foreign particles. Lymph nodes are important to the immune system...
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