Lymphatic and Immune Systems Terminology

Topics: Immune system, Bone marrow, Stem cell Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: January 25, 2011
This paper will breakdown and define the meanings in medical terminology. Using the Lymphatic and Immune Systems as examples, the root, prefix and suffix will be identified and analyzed to show how to determine the definitions and meanings of the medical terminology terms.

You are a front office medical assistant. A second front office medical assistant is going to be hired, and you have been asked by the office manager to help her screen job applicants for the position. The office manager asks you to put together a short written test that the applicant will take after his or her interview. Even though there will be on-the-job training, the office manager wants to make sure the candidate has a basic knowledge of medical terminology upon which to build. Using external resources and medical terms not included in this lesson, develop a 6-question test pertaining to the Lymphatic and Immune systems that assesses the candidate's ability to identify the following: •Roots

The meaning of each of those
The definition of the medical term

Medical Assistant Quiz
1.What are the three separate parts used in medical terminology to determine the meaning of the individual term? 2.Describe Pneumococcal Vaccination?
3.What is Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation used to treat? 4.What is Adenocarcinoma?
5.What is the definition of Cardiomegaly?
6.What is the purpose of a prefix in medical terminology?

Answer Sheet to the Medical Assistant Quiz

1.The three separate parts used in medical terminology are the root, prefix, and suffix. 2.Pheumococcal Vaccination – pneumonia vaccine
a.Phenm – pneumonia
b.Coccal – bacterium
c.Vaccination – vaccine, a preparation of weakened or killed pathogen cells injected to produce antibodies 3.Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation – stem cells from blood are used in bone marrow transportation, helps to restore the bone marrow in order that the patient can tolerate...

References: Cramer, David W., The Foundations of Medical Terms
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