Lying to find the "truth"

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Errol Morris Pages: 4 (1266 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Cameron Wasserman

Isabel Sperry

The Thin Blue Line Rough Draft

4 November 2013

Lying to find the “truth”

The Thin Blue Line documentary by Errol Morris provides reenactments and investigation interviews of a late November homicide of a Dallas, Texas police officer, Robert Wood. This murder was at the hands of a troubled 16 year old, David Harris, who shot a man from inside a stolen Mercury Comet with a stolen .22 pistol. Randall Adams, innocent, and wrongly accused of being in the passenger seat of Harris’ stolen car, was blamed as the killer of police officer Robert Wood on the late November evening in Dallas, Texas. Young and afraid, David Harris claims Randall Adams is the gunman who shot down Robert Wood in Dallas, consequently many of the case’s investigators accept such a conviction due to the need for a “wrap up” of the case; furthermore the DA, in effort to keep his perfect win record by convicting Adams, and his desire for the death penalty compliments well to the lie that Randall Adams was the murderer because Randall Adams, age twenty-eight, made him the perfect scapegoat for the death penalty.

David Harris has a criminal background when meeting Randall Adams. Harris says to screenplay writer Errol Morris, “Criminal always lie”, being the reason David Harris blames the murder on innocent Randall Adams. Throughout the film David Harris is correctly portrayed as being a troubled kid throughout his life. David Harris lands himself in and out of jail and even ends up attacking his superior officers in the military. His troubled, criminal life plainly relates to his immaturity. An immature 16 year old likes to blame others for their mistakes and get out of trouble, being exactly what David Harris did. Harris even did it to a friend of his, Randall Adams. Errol Morris and David Harris have the following conversation:

Errol Morris: Were you surprised when the police blamed [Randall Adams]?

David Harris: They didnt blame...

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