Topics: Lie, Deception, Truth Pages: 1 (570 words) Published: April 25, 2015
 A lie is an intentionally false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the truth. The practice of communicating lies is lying, and a person who communicates lie may be termed a liar. Generally the term “lie” carries a negative connotation. In certain situations, however lying is permitted, expected, or even encouraged. Because believing and acting on false information can have serious consequences. Due to research, lies can be divided into 34 categories. Fraud, noble lie, puffery, weasel word, haystack answer and contextual lie are some of them. Once a lie has been told, there can be two alternative consequences. Either it can be discovered or remain undiscovered. Under some circumstances, discovery of a lie may lead to social or legal sanctions. On the earth, people lie to save themselves or the other way to save others. Actually, lying gives many negative consequences to the one who lies and to others also. Lying in a close relationship is not completely cost free. In a close relationship, lying might destroys trust and creates a great distance. When one of the partner lies, it limit’s the other partner’s choice. In a relationship, the partner will usually lie when they are together. For example, they lie about why they can’t spend time together or see each other. They also lie about bad habits that they have such as drug usage. In relationships, lying might lead to a separation at the last. People say that lying is the ugliest thing on the earth. The tongue translates a person’s internal feelings to the outside. Liars leave no time to think or reflect. After a lie that you’ve told, you will feel unsecured and worry that if they get the truth what will be their reaction. You also will lose your image if they get to know the truth. Someone who constantly lies to others will make people never trust in them anymore. They also create a risk of losing their jobs and friends. This may the cause the anger of...
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