Lycidas by Milton

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2nd lecture Sunday 29/10/1433

At the beginning, we have talked about our time table, then Doctor Eman started our lessons with our home work question and we heard several definitions from different groups.
Then we started our new lesson
Understanding Translation
So, translation is the replacement of SL Message b an Equivalent TL Message.*
_We had translate the previous defention:
استبدال رسالة بلغة (ما)مترجمة منها برسالة مكافئة لها بلغة (أخرى)مترجمة إليها. اللغة المترجم منها SL: Source Language اللغة المترجم إليها TL: Target Language Idiom: Ex: To turn a blind eye to something أثلج صدري Made me happy
Literal meaning: iced-cooled my chest
_The word message has four elements:
3_Medium: A- written translation B-Spoken interpretation
4_Context of situation
We had an example for that: Doctor Eman asked What is the situation in our class?
Sender: the lecture
Receiver: Student …etc
What is the importance of these four elements?_
When we know the importance of these elements, we could have a hint of this translation text.
If we have a text for children, the text will have simple words and a simple situation but it differs if we have a text for a grown people the words and the situation would be complicated.
_Any language has level and consists different levels:
1_Shape the graphitic level *the first definition is an example for this point. Another example were
Thank You
Thank You
2_The lexical level it's about words
Here lexeme is the least meaningful unit
For example the words: Take care of they are three words but it have one lexeme يأخذ عناية بـــ
3_Syntax syntactic

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