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Louis Vuitton Analysis
SWOT; Porter’s; PESTLE
Louis Vuitton Analysis
SWOT; Porter’s; PESTLE

Louis vuitton – the brand#
SWOT analysis#
Porter’s model #

This is a report about the brand named Louis Vuitton in terms of brand analysis on the context of Marketing Lectures. We choose Louis Vuitton because it is an interesting brand to analyze since it is strongly established in the market and has been growing despite the economic crises. To do so, we are going to analyze the brand from three different perspectives.

Louis vuitton – The brand

Founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton is nowadays one of the best known luxurious brands around the world. Has its headquarters in Paris – France but it is spread out around the world. It’s key people are Bernard Arnault (President), Marc Jacobs (Art Director) and Antoine Arnault (Director of Communications). LOUIS VUITTON (1821-1892)

SWOT Analysis

- Heritage - More than 100 years history
- Biggest luxury brand in the world with great profits
 - Loyal customers in Japan, Europe and USA.
- Belongs to the LVMH group
- Strong a well-defined brand positioning
- Wide geographical presence. It has presence in the world’s leading commercial hubs, New York, London, Tokyo, Hongkong, etc. - Louis Vuitton pieces are iconic/Legendary house of fashion - Excellence in design, quality and customization: since the 19th century luggage is still made by hand and LV offers costum made products, like a toiletry case especially made for opera singer Marthe Chenal. - Visual identity easily recognized (LV initials on every product) - Broad product portfolio. From Luggage to glasses and fine jewerly. -Sustainability values well defined; environmental responsibility within the business - “5R’s” - Renew, recycle, reduce, review, repair. - Philanthropy values well defined

- Anti counterfeiting team around the world. Their own stores allows to control product quality and pricing, and prevents counterfeiting products to enter the distribution channels. - Online presence/e-commerce exclusively for their products. Wide geographical access rates. - Advertising featuring world known celebrities like Madonna, Gisele Bündchen, Angelina Jolie, Michael Phelps.

- Restricted retails opportunities as Louis Vuitton only sells at their own stores - No discounts or sales
- Limited customer base - only an elite can afford
- Depends on economic situation: depression and recession makes the demand of luxurious goods decline.

- Emergent markets as Brazil, China, India, Middle East (...) - More conscious consumer behavior
- Partnerships with well-known fashion designers to renovate image and keep the interest of the fashion followers. - Custom made products that can satisfy a specific client need. - Variety of products allows entrance in more markets

- Advertisement through celebrities and important people, on Tv, magazines, etc. - Important exhibitions, events and contests promoted by LV or where LV can participate.

- Counterfeiting products
- Animal rights protection group
- Current global economy/economic recession or crisis
- Different markets penetration implies different marketing & communication and distribution strategies. This can be dangerous but also can represent an opportunity

Porter’s Model – Competition analysis
The analysis of an industry, luxury goods in Luis Vuitton case, from a strategic point of view, is done by the definition of the competition factors determinant for the structure related to that same industry, for its evolution and for the relationship between those. With Porter’s analysis model, we aim to measure how this industry could be threaten by competition/new entrants, the bargaining power of suppliers and of the customers, the threat of new potential substitutes and finally the rivalry among existing players. After the...
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