LV in Japan

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Louis Vuitton, a French fashion house officially founded in 1854, is the world’s leading of high-end fashion brand in international fashion industry. The well-known label is LV monogram which is featured on most products ranging from luxury trunks to leather goods is also as a way to deter counterfeiters. Founder of LV first launched a small leather shop in 1821 with the original products specialized in crafting fine leather luggage ware. But since recognized the demand among prestigious travelers who wanted premium steamer bags, flat cases, and weekend bags, the namesake designer, Louis Vuitton, gradually grew into a brand that offered deluxe travel goods. Back then, as successfully in establishing LV initial reputation, LV expanded the assortment to include carry-on-bags, toiletry cases, small trunks, jewelry boxes, and eventually luxury watches. Today, over one hundred and fifty year brand – Louis Vuitton has been spread throughout Europe as the fashion icon of the most exquisite symbol.

1. What are the specifics of the Japanese fashion luxury market? What are the opportunities and challenges for Louis Vuitton in Japan?

See market specs below:
1. Highly saturated or over saturated market
2. Very high competition
3. High barriers to entry
4. Availability of price comparison web sites, auction web sites and online stores are making market for luxury fashion more difficult. 5. The tendency of having “It” bag is fading with new concepts like “Rent It”

SWOT of LV in Japan
• Internationally recognized fashion Brand Image
• High quality products achieved high quality control standards • Distribution is company owned
• Collaboration with renaund Japanese Artists.
• Attention to the distribution stores location, layout, architecture etc. Weaknesses • Very High Reliance on Japanese market
• Brand dilution
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