Luxury Good and Burberry

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This report is on Burberry fashion house which is a leading fashion house in UK. The project discusses the formulation of strategies for the working of the organization. The formulation includes the company’s mission, vision, the environmental and organizational auditing. The strategic planning is being discussed in detail which consists of the competition, planning systems, strategic planning issues and the techniques. The selection of strategies and their evaluation is further included in the report. The evaluation includes their market entry strategies, substantive growth, and limited growth and disinvestment strategies. Concluding the report is the implementation of the various strategies used by the company. The various teams involved, the communication, allocation of resources, human resource department, all these points are covered in the report.


Burberry is a luxury fashion house from Britain which manufactures clothes and fashion accessories. It was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, who opened his first shop on sportswear in Basingstoke, London. Burberry has got its own stores and global franchisees and sells through concessions in third party stores. Burberry has now become a leading clothing luxury brand with a large global business. Burberry is well known for its unique British heritage, positioning into luxury arena, integrity of the outerwear depending on the principles of quality, function and modern classic style. Today after so many years the brand is distinguished by its women wear, menswear, children wear and non-apparel with its unique outerwear as the foundation. Along with retailing, they also deal in wholesaling and licensing.


Burberry is a luxury brand which is recognized internationally with a worldwide distribution network. The mission of the company is to maintain its integrity and vitality of their brand, at the same time, continue to develop the business which remains relevant to ever evolving markets and consumer tastes.

This mission statement shows that the brand mainly emphasizes on the integrity which is maintained from a long time keeping in mind the current demands and choices of the customers. They also believe in developing the business in every possible global markets.


Burberry has a long history of exploration to be proud of which includes innovation and desire to improve at the heart of its work. They also work on maintaining the highest quality standards of their products. The brand is defined by its

➢ Authentic British heritage
➢ Unique democratic positioning within the luxury arena ➢ Founding principles of quality ,function, and modern classic style based on the integrity of its footwear ➢ The icon portfolio which is recognized globally which are the French coats, trademark check. The vision says about a specific culture/ heritage followed by the organization. It also states the segmentation of the brand which includes only the niche market. The competency of the company being their unique modern classic style considering quality management which also is a very important factor for production.


Strategic intent is a high level statement of the means by which the organization will achieve its vision. Strategic intent is the company’s vision of what it wants to achieve in the long term.


In order to achieve its mission and vision, Burberry follows a specific strategy which is as follows:

| P |Pursuing operational excellence | | A |Accelerating retail led growth | | L |Levering the franchise...
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