Luxury Brand Engagement Research Write Up

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Brand Management is a function of marketing that uses techniques to increase the perceived value of a product line or brand over time. Effective brand management enables the price of products to go up and builds loyal customers through positive brand associations and images or a strong awareness of the brand. Developing a strategic plan to maintain brand equity or gain brand value requires a comprehensive understanding of the brand, its target market and the company's overall vision. Brand engagement is a term loosely used to describe the process of forming an attachment (emotional and rational) between a person and a brand. It comprises one aspect of brand management. What makes the topic complex is that brand engagement is partly created by institutions and organizations, but is equally created by the perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours of those with whom these institutions and organizations are communicating or engaging with. Brand engagement between a brand and its consumers/potential consumers is a key objective of a brand marketing effort. In general, the ways a brand connects to its consumer is via a range of "touch points" -- that is, a sequence or list of potential ways the brand makes contact with the individual. Examples include retail environments, advertising, word of mouth, online, and the product/service itself. It can be broadly classified into two areas- Internal and external. Internal refers to the company's employees, franchisees, etc while external refers to the end consumers. All the consumer behavioural factors like attitudes, beliefs, society, culture and trends are studied and form an interesting part of the study unlike many other areas of research. All these factors are psychological yet emotional and drive consumer behaviour towards brands ultimately leading to sales and higher revenues. Getting there requires convincing less conscious consumers that they can have their cake and eat it too (drive positive change and indulge...
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