Luther V.S. Henry Viii

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church, Henry VIII of England Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: October 29, 2008
During the Protestant Reformation many new religions were created. Two of those religions were Lutheran and the Anglican Church of England. These two religions were created by two men who had multiple problems with the catholic church. Martin Luther was the monk who created Lutheranism while King Henry VIII created the Anglican Church of England.

Martin Luther created Lutheranism for religious purposes. After posting the 95 Thesis on the church of Wittenberg, he was excommunicated from the church after the Diet Of Worms. This happened because the ideas withheld in the 95 Thesis were considered blasphemy. The ideas were about correcting or changing some of the churches ideas. The main ideas of the 95 Thesis are: that anyone could be a priest, to take away 5 of the sacraments, the idea of con-substantiation, salvation through faith alone, that priests could marry, simony, clerical ignorance and immorality, pluralism, and most importantly practice of the sale of indulgences. Originally Martin Luther wanted reform not a schism. He continued to spread his ideas and eventually Lutheranism was born.

Henry VIII was the creator of the Anglican Church of England for personal purposes. The religion he created was identical to Catholicism except that there was no pope. Henry VIII also did not intend on schism just as Luther did, King Henry did not mind being Catholic. The schism occurred because the pope would not let him divorce Catherine of Aragon. Because of this act Henry VIII decided to release the Act of Supremacy where he became the leader of his own religion, The Anglican Church. After becoming the head of this religion he converted his country, divorced Catherine of Aragon, and married Anne Boleyn, who was forced to become an anglican. Henry VIII executed people who did not convert like Thomas More, writer of Utopia, who was executed for asking for a pope.

Henry VIII and Luther may have created two independent religions but they were...
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