Lust for Power; Destruction of Humanity

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Lust for Power; Destruction of Humanity
“Power”, the literal meaning of this word is “control”. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where the lust for power has resulted in the destruction of humanity. From the lower class clerks to the industrialists of the highest class, everyone is involved in a race, a race to get to the top. And they are willing to use any means to get there. Leg pulling has become a culture now a days, no one can digest anyone else’s success. Everybody is blinded by this hunger for attaining power. Take any one; a student can do anything to get an A in his finals, even if it may involve sabotaging his fellow students’ work. A country can go to unthinkable extents to get to the top, even if has to take down another country and kill numerous of innocent people. In our country, “Pakistan”, we are going through the same phase. Every day we see T.V shows where politicians are busy shouting and yelling, blaming other politicians, fighting just to get power and get a hold of our country’s treasury, or at least what’s left of it. No one really cares about the people; everyone is just interested in making their own lives better. We kill, we destroy, and we hurt the feelings of other human’s, just to satisfy our hunger. Is this what we have been taught? Are these our moral and social ethics? Is this what our Religion has guided us to do? No it is totally against everything. But we are all too busy thinking about our wants and we forget that we are humans. We have figuratively turned into cannibals. If this keeps up, very rightly man himself will become the reason for the extinction of his own self!
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