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Retail Merchandise
Ownership Classification
Multichannel Retailing
Location Strategy
Corporate Social Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Personal Experience
Communication Mix
Retail Market Strategy
Target Market
Competitive Advantage
Growth Opportunities & International Success


Lululemon Athletica was founded in 1998 by a visionary named Chip Wilson. The first store opened in Vancouver, Canada and they have now expanded their stores into countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. As a company they build an emotional bond with their customers and encourage them to buy into the Lululemon lifestyle. Lululemon “is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that creates components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. By producing products that help keep people active and stress free, lululemon believes that the world will be a better place”. (Lululemon Athletica Inc, 2013) Many famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Upton, and Ryan Gosling wear their apparel out and about and are seen in photographs. Their primary products are shirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, jackets, undergarments, accessories, and yoga gear. These products can be used for activities such as yoga, running, hiking, dancing, working out, and casual lounge wear. In everything that Lululemon does, they incorporate their fun, active corporate culture. All employees embrace and actively promote their culture.

Their manifesto includes statements such as:
The pursuit of happiness is the source of all unhappiness
Breathe deeply, and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life. Observe a plant before and after watering and relate these benefit to your body and brain. Practice yoga so you can remain active and in physical sports as you age. Sweat once a day to regenerate your skin.

Do one thing a day that scares you.
Creativity is maximized when you are living in the moment.

Their corporate culture is all about living a healthy life and achieving your goals. By embodying this into their employees, retail stores, and management structure they are proving to be a leader in the athletica retail division.

Retail Merchandise
Lululemon offers many athletic apparel items such as shirts, tank tops, shorts, pants, leggings, sweaters, jackets, and undergarments. They also sell water bottles, yoga mats, hot yoga mats, towels, gym bags, and many accessories. When a customer walks in they are able to purchase all the items they need to attend a yoga class, or any work out session.

Ownership Classification
The ownership classification that Lululemon is classified under is corporate retail chains. This means that all the decisions and ownership is allotted to the head of the company. A single person is unable to open a store in any city; this company is not a franchise. When a new store is opened it has been strategically planned and a management team is brought in to open the doors and make sure its successful.

Multichannel Retailing
Lululemon is classified as a store-based retailer. They use two main channels to offer their products to its customer base. With 226 stores in the world, they are able to reach most customers and satisfy their needs. They reach the rest of their customers over the internet by selling their products online at By selling merchandise over the internet Lululemon has a greater opportunity to reach new markets and new customers. This way they are able to e-tail their customers and “gain valuable insight into their customers’ shopping behavior.” (Michael Levy) Valuable information will be collected from the customers in their size, style, colour, and price. Lululemon does a good job on applying the same brand image represented in their store to their online channel. This is important to keep straight through all...

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