Lucretius and Death

Topics: Death, Mind, Afterlife Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Approximately fifty years before Christ, Roman poet and philosopher, Lucretius began to state his beliefs to the world. We now know that Lucretius had many beliefs regarding death and the human spirit and how they were related. In his writing, “On The Nature of Things”, Lucretius states that the human spirit or mind is mortal. By saying that the human mind is mortal, Lucretius is saying that the human mind is subject to death, the same way that the human body is. The human spirit is a mental part of humanity, and includes things such as fear, intellect, and personality. Lucretius argues that death means nothing to us. People must actually live through death for it to have been remembered as painful, which as most people can quickly figure out, is impossible. Lucretius implies that once a person has died; their birth no longer matters. This is not always the case, and can be disproven. Deathless deaths are also mentioned in the writings of Lucretius. A deathless death relates to the fact that death is a single occurrence. This paper will expand on the truths surrounding Lucretius’s theory of the human spirit being mortal. Death does not phase people after it has occurred, due to the fact that their spirit has left the body forever.

Lucretius states that in order for one to endure pain or death in the future, they must actually exist in the future. Once someone is dead, they no longer feel anything physical. So, in order to feel death, one must actually be alive, which is a paradox. You cannot be both alive and dead at the same time. Once you have died, you can no longer be miserable. Death is considered a blessing to people who are and have been suffering for long periods of time. Most people spend their whole life considering the thought of death, but experiencing the thought is a completely different thing than reminiscing on the physical pain that death inflicts. Death may very well be an extremely painful experience, but there is an equal chance that we may...
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